Young Thug Jokes About Marrying His Man, The rumor mill has been spinning out of control ever since Young Thug emerged onto the scene with allegations that the “Stoner” rapper might be gay. From him rocking nail polish to the very outlandish things he says via social media such as calling his male companions “hubbie” and “bae,” people are definitely not crazy for assuming things. However, Thugger Thugger recently posted a picture with the well-known man in the industry named @Iamlano both holding their large rings up for the picture. “ME AND @yeahlano JUST MITE GET MARRIED!!!! THATS A MITE DOE!” Young Thug captioned his EXTREMELY sus photo. Not like it matters in any way shape or form, but this is definitely not the route to go if you’re trying to kill these “gay” rumors floating around. Check out the post in the gallery.

Young Thug Jokes About Marrying His Man, If Young Thug was actually gy, which we don’t think he is, but if he were, would it really matter? His music is still fire, I mean people don’t even fully understand him, yet when it comes on, it’ their jam!! And in 2014, with states legalizing gay marriage, do we as the Hip Hop community want to look like the culture from the 1900’s?? And just because you listen to a gay artist, it doesn’t make you gay, and you don’t have to agree with that ‘lifestyle’ to appreciate music…it might be time to start this conversation, what do you think??
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