IFWT_Funk Flex Custom BeatsByDre FelxDreBeatsPros F
Funk Flex Custom BeatsByDre headphones, the #FlexDreBeatsPros, FUEGO aka FIRE!! These custom leather all black with infrared Beats logo Pro’s will def be the center piece of any outfit! At least For about 30 of y’all, because that’s all that will be produced, so if you don’t act fast when they drop, you’re finished!!

Tat Wza

Funk Flex Custom BeatsByDre headphones, the #FlexDreBeatsPros, just feel really good on your ear, better than the regular Pro’s, which already felt pretty good! And since they are Pro’s, they cover your whole ear. Infrared is the color, imagine how these will line up with all the gear that has it, like Jordan’s or the AirMax in your closet. Again, only 30 of these will be produced, in the world, tell me that doesn’t make a difference, tell me you won’t be able to go on the block, and let your homies know you’re out here with your game stepped up??

Now I don’t have a price point yet, but they are Pro’s, so they’ll be around $400, but with only 30 in the world, they will have a value you can’t really put on them!! They are wired, not wireless, but that means you won’t have to have any AA’s, or worry about charging. I use headphones at work on a regular basis(as I produce the Funk Flex show on Hot 97), and I see issues all the time with any brand of wireless, but hardly ever with wired, I would recommend wired on any level!!