Ray Rice won his appeal yesterday and was immediately cleared to sign with any NFL team he wants. My personal belief is that there is no way any team will sign him this season with all the media attention it will bring. If teams wait till the offseason and let the story die down somewhat, odds are the outcome will turn out better. However there are multiple teams and players already saying he would be welcome to their organization.


Multiple active NFL stars from multiple NFL teams say they would ABSOLUTELY welcome Ray Rice on their squads, because as one player put it, “everyone deserves a second chance.”

Of the NFL stars that spoke up, all of them said they were open to playing with the former All Pro running back.

“I know Ray and his wife. I believe they’ve forgiven each other,” one prominent player told us, adding, “I would accept him, and I think that my teammates would accept him.”

Another major NFL star said, “I believe that everyone in life deserves a second chance.”

A third player who played with Rice at one point in his career says, “He seems very remorseful. As much as I am against domestic violence, I do believe in second chances. No more chances after that, though.”

Now none of these players felt comfortable enough being named, so you have to wonder if they are hiding behind the anonymous quotes, but I admit I am surprised so many players are ready to have him around so quickly.

The playoffs are fast approaching and you never know if a team will be convinced Ray can help them run the ball deep into the postseason.