Both the Kardashians and Jenners receive a lot of criticism from the public for almost everything they do. The family has grown on reality television exposing their lives to millions of people around the world. This year, Kendall Jenner (and her sister Kylie) topped Times 25 Most Influential Teens List, Kendall is also the new face of Estée Lauder, and now has full spread in DAZED! Kendall teamed up with Dazed to make this Mean Girls parody, referencing her life, and all of the MEAN things that are said about her. You would be shocked to hear what people have to say about the 19-year-old runway model after watching this video! A quote from the parody,: “Kendall Jenner is a self-absorbed white bitch who has millions of dollars for doing absolutely nothing.” Watch the video below as Kendall Jenner makes a Mean Girls ‘Burn Book!’

Miabelle B.

Source: Huffington Post