Lesibihonest….Star Mel B reveals dating a woman for four years prior to her marriage? Looks like Mel B AKA Scary Spice is not so “scary” when it comes to exploring her sexuality. The hot MILF, mother of three is known to be a firecracker and full of surprises. Not such a shocker there, being that we’ve seen photos of Mel and hubby Stephen Belafonte practically going at in public. Well in a recent interview, the British beauty divulges on her past dating experiences, and although she’s been “happily married to a penis these past seven year”, she states she also spent a pretty hefty amount of time playing for the same team as well. See Mel B spill the deets on her lesbian love affair.

Lesibihonest….Star Mel B reveals dating a woman for four years prior to her marriage? Yes. Prior to Mel B becoming Mrs. Stephen Belafonte, she actually dated a woman for four years. Hmmmm….I’m guessing this is after she conceived her daughter Angel with film star Eddie Murphy. Shrugs. Whatever the case is, Mel B talks picking up her “lady love” at her oldest daughter’s school in L.A. She also refutes recent rumors of her engaging in some extramarital activities in a public restroom stall with PlayBoy bunny by the name of Luanne Lee. One thing that is undeniable, Mel B definitely has an appreciation for beautiful things….and she makes no qualms about being attracted to beautiful women.

Page Six reports….

“I did have a four-year relationship with a woman,” Brown said. “But I’ve been very happily married for seven years to a penis. An amazing guy.” Yes, she refers to her significant other as “a penis” in passing. “Well, you know what I mean. But I’ve definitely not been shy or been one to hold back. If I wanted to try something, I did. I had a girlfriend. So what?”

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Would this make her straight now being that she’s been married to Stephen for the past seven years, or not quite? Share your thoughts, and weigh in.