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Andre Claus is his name.  Not only is Houston Texans star Andre Johnson an All-Pro wide receiver, but he also makes a pretty good Santa Claus.  Johnson made some kids have an extremely happy early Christmas.

Shay Marie

Johnson continued his awesome annual tradition of acting as “Andre Claus” in a local toy store. It’s the 33-year-old’s way of giving back and making sure kids enjoy the holidays.

Every year, Andre Johnson takes a dozen or so kids from Child Protective Services on a Toys R’ Us shopping spree.

This year, Johnson gave 11 kids the opportunity to get everything they wanted for Christmas. The Texans wideout gave them 80 seconds to fill their carts with as much stuff as they wanted.

Each kid this year gets a bike, gaming system and all the toys they can get in a basket in 80 seconds and of course, he paid for everything.  The bill reportedly came to $16,000.

“You can go through the store and get whatever you want. I’ll pay for it. Have a Merry Christmas,” said Johnson.

The receipts from the shopping spree were extremely long as Johnson held them up.

As a very successful professional athlete, Johnson can afford to give back. The holiday season isn’t easy on everyone, but he did what he could to spread the love and touch the lives of several kids.

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