IFWT_Nick & Mimi

The most difficult part about marriage is when things go sour, couples get divorced but the holidays come and two must act civil for the sake of the children. Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey spent their first holiday together since their nasty break-up back in August. Mariah flicked it up on Thanksgiving with their three-year-old twins and made it seem like Nick was nowhere to be found.

However, it turns out not only was Nick there but they were all spending the holiday at HIS Los Angeles mansion together like a happy little family. However according to sources, Mariah and the kids left immediately after the dinner festivities were over and slept at a nearby hotel for the remainder of the evening. At least the two big-time celebs made an effort to have everyone under one roof and can practice their co-parenting skills when it matters the most– FOR THE KIDS! Check out Mariah’s fake solo pic in the gallery fronting like her ex-hubby wasn’t right there (or taking the picture at that!) Mind you she has the biggest smile on her face as she posed in her drop-dead gorgeous red gown. Do you think the two will ever rekindle their marriage? Drop your thoughts below.

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Source: TMZ