If you’ve been keeping track of this season’s Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood drama, you have watched Yung Berg and Masika’s random relationship blossom like a flower in the Spring and fall apart recently due to their domestic violence allegations which left Berg without a spot on the upcoming season of the VH1 show. According to sources, Berg choked Masika Tucker and beat her badly leaving bruises and cuts all over her body during an argument at a hotel which started after Berg’s credit card allegedly got declined at an after-party for the Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood reunion.

We’re not sure what Berg said or did to Masika to make her forget the brutal beating her gave her, but the two seemed to have reconciled after Masika posted a picture of the Hitmaka and herself cuffing heavy on the ‘Gram like a happy little couple with a caption that reads, “When you don’t even know they’re taking pictures.” She had another flick on her IG of the two in bed cuddled up but she has since then deleted it due to the obvious backlash it was receiving in the comment section. Masika claims she’s known Berg for a total of four years and “invested so much time into the relationship that she doesn’t want it to go to waist due to one bad night.” Check out some of her IG posts in the gallery. Do you think she’s setting a bad example for other women involved in violent relationships? Or is that her own personal life and she’s allowed to make whatever decisions she wants in regards to her dating situation?

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