IFWT_Flexs IG about Grand Jury Decision
U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has announced that the Justice Department WILL Investigate Eric Garner Death, on the heals of today’s grand jury announcment that they will NOT indict the ‘officer’ involved with Garners death.

Tat Wza

Everyone is truly outrage at this grand jury announcement, how could they not indict when there was video, everyone saw what happened, there was NO question as to what happened. Chris Rock chimed in to sum it up perfectly, see for yourself in the gallery above, but he said: “This one was on film” with a link to a pic of the chokehold in question.

They have been calling for a Federal Investigation since the summer when Garner’s life was stolen, but if you don’t know, Holder really couldn’t do anything until the NYC courts handled it 1st, well they have now, and the same day, Holder announced that an ‘civil rights investigation into the death of Eric Garner’.

“Prosecutors will conduct an independent, thorough, fair and expeditious investigation,” Holder said. “The department will conduct a complete review of the material gathered during the local investigation.”

“We’ve all seen the video of Mr. Garner’s death,” Holder said. “His death, of course, was a tragedy. All lives must be valued. All lives.”

Now that we got an instant reaction from the Justice department, unlike in Ferguson where they still haven’t announced a federal investigation about Mike Brown, will people see this as a beginning to justice?

It’s important to know this investigation will be Civil Right Investigation, not criminal, and jail time is very unlikely.

Mayor Bill de Blasio also held a press conference speaking on the decision not to indict, although he didn’t give his person opinion on the decision, he did mention a few times he worries about his sons(whom happens to be black as well) personal safety in dealing with police, and has trained him for different situations with the police.