HBO’s original series The Wire is, hands downs, one of the best TV shows to ever touch a television screen. Luckily for the die hard fans such as myself, The Wire will be making a comeback very soon! On December 26th, 2014 (the day after Christmas,) the Baltimore-based show that gives us a look into both street life and police life will be airing yet again in it’s entirety. Although it has been a total of six years since the show has been on a hiatus, the HBO producers have been working hard to remaster the show and bring back all 60 episodes (a total of five seasons) in High Definition for our viewing pleasures. The Wire is currently available to watch via the HBO Go app and on regular DVD separated by season, but a compact HD version of the whole series will be super convenient and will make for a GREAT late gift for the holidays.

The Complete Series will be available for purchase on Digital HD Monday, January 5, 2015 and on Blu-rayTM in the Summer of 2015. The whole entire series will also be available for purchase on January 5th via iTunes, Google Play, Xbox Video and Vadu. How exciting! I cannot wait to purchase the whole series ASAP. “Where’s Wallace, String?! WHERE’S WALLACE?!?!?!” Ah, what a classic. Will you be purchasing The Wire to add to your collection?

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Source: HipHopWired