In light of the what’s taking place, involving Ferguson, Eric Garner, etc., Ricky Williams has decided to chime in. After reassuring the world that his former New Orleans Saints’ coach, Mike Ditka, is NOT a racist, he goes on to say “white people [just] can’t relate to police brutality.” Williams then states that white people use racist language regularly but just don’t realize it. Wow, read more on Williams’ comments after the jump!

via TMZ:

Ricky Williams says white people can’t understand the pain African-americans feel over the issues in Ferguson or NYC … because they have no clue what it’s like to deal with police brutality.

Williams says he KNOWS Ditka’s not a racist … but says he doesn’t think Ditka can fully understand the issue because of his skin color.

“He’s a white guy. White people don’t relate to police brutality. ”

The former Heisman Trophy winner says he’s experienced racial profiling first hand … even on his own college campus.

“I was arrested for failing to provide identification when I was at Texas, I told them my name was ‘Ricky’ when my lD said ‘Errick.’ This when I was the best player in college football.”

Ricky also says that most white people — almost inherently — use racially insensitive language on a routine basis.

“Put a video camera on most white people all day long, you’re going to hear something that black people would consider to be racist. Whether they mean it or not.”

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