Update #2:

Lil Wayne has sparked a social media trending topic when he announced his urge to remove himself from the Cash Money equation.

In on the responses, along with Pusha T and EVERY fan/foe, is the one who did it before Wayne, T-Raww. The ‘Last Kings’ representer let’s everyone know how he feels about the issue at hand, but also uses it as a marketing tool to promote his first independent release, “The Gold Album.”

More details down bottom.

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That moment when someone you had beef with is going through it … surely that’s what’s going through Pusha T’s head at the moment. The air between Lil Wayne and Pusha T has been thick for a few years now.

With the release of Pusha’s 2012 single, “Exodus” it was evident for most as to who he was speaking of. Now that Lil Wayne is trying to break apart for the Cash Money chain, the “Lunch Money” rapper sends a G.O.O.D. invite to Wayne and reminds everyone that he’s never lied (Hint: E.X.O.D.U.S.)…

It’s about to get real ladies and gentleman. Make sure you have your seat belts on for this ride…just waiting on Mack Maine to respond to these ‘feelings’ of Wayne’s.


Trouble trouble (Bernie Mac voice) in paradise within the YMCMB camp – again. Previously, Tyga went on an extreme Twitter rant claiming that his label was not doing ‘label stuff’ to assure the release of his material. This time around, Tunechi himself is feeling the lack of support within the record label family.

During late October, we found out that Nicki Minaj’s The Pinkprint and Wayne’s Tha Carter V was being pushed back. Birdman later explained that it was Wanye’s decision to push the album back, but it would seem that after this piece of information, that’s not the case. “[Wayne]’s so much an artist like that,” Birdman says. “He change his mind a lot.” It was believable since the skateboarder expresses creativity a lot. Now, “Baby” is blocking that.

Lil Wayne took to Twitter to apologize to fans claiming, “my album won’t and hasn’t been released bekuz Baby & Cash Money Rec. refuse to release it.”

Could this be a hack job or nah?! What’s going on within the walls of Cash Money Young Money record label? B.O.B. had claimed to be a part of Lil Wayne’s album and Kendrick Lamar said that he might even have an appearance on the highly anticipated FIVE. This can’t be music life.

Check out the gallery for Wayne’s full expression of wanting out of Cash Money and Pusha T’s mere reminder.