Looks like Rihanna’s patriotic gesture turned bad for the worst. Rihanna flicked up some pics in front of the American flag in honor of the soldiers fighting for us. Cornet Diamonds posted an image onto their website on Veteran’s Day (November 11th) of an American flag with diamonds around it and their company name in the bottom right hand corner. Bad Gal RiRi must have liked the graphic so much that she photoshopped herself in front of the diamond-encrusted American Flag and took the company’s name out before posting the image onto her Instagram and Twitter pages to show the soldiers and vets some love.

Instead of taking extreme legal matters against the singer, Cornet Diamonds sent Rihanna a letter asking for two simple things. 1) They want an apology for stealing their picture and 2) The company wants some free advertising from the celeb by letting the world know (and her 142 million followers) that the image belongs to them. Knowing Rihanna, that should be NO problem for the popular entertainer to do. Cornet–YOU SMARTTTTTTT! *DJ Khaled Voice.* Check out the before and after pics of the image in the gallery. Maybe Rihanna can snag a new job as the spokesperson for their company and possibly get some free diamonds of the situation?

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Source: TMZ