From the looks of it, a homeless Man Fights a…well they fight on Subway Platform… Normally I get these type of posts up for content, today I’m putting this up as a message, we as people, especially BLACK PEOPLE, aren’t the police killing us enough, we have to add to it??

Tat Wza


as pointed out on FB, this could be old, an that may not be a woman, not that they fooled me, I just didn’t want to disrespect ‘her’, I’m assuming that if it’s old, people know it’s a transexual, but that still only takes one element out of it, the female hit part, and yes if someone hits you, street code you wash that ass up, but as of now, let’s not get into fights, it still was close to murder if that old dude would have went over that platform, whatever dumbs hit that started it….but I guess now I’m preaching, my fault…act like this never happened, unless your bored, go ahead and hate, I get it, it took time out your day…my fault.

You may say ‘FOH, you trying to kick knowledge’, not really, it’s more common sense, you can’t get mad at racist ass cops killing us if we act like animals, act like we on’t deserve to have more, stop falling into the trap people…

She almost threw him off the platform as a train was coming, that would have killed him, would she have been good with that, knowing she took a life, she doesn’t seem that old, the rest of her life knowing that, not everyone is built for being a hardcore killer. Young people today feel like acting ignorant is some type of freedom, dummies, it’s exactly what they want, it gives them their excuse to kill us! If a cop would have rolled up on her as she was trying to push him over, they would have shot and killed her. Really, a Grown Man Fights Young Woman On Subway Platform, Can we get it together people??