IFWT_Protesters Vs NYPD
Confrontation Between Protesters & NYPD, Protesters have been going strong since the grand jury decision on the Eric Garner case, although the marches across NYC have been primarily peaceful, at least from the protesters end, the NYPD have allegedly made over 200 Arrests, and the footage below shows how that goes down.

Tat Wza

Confrontation Between Protesters & NYPD:

From the description, this happened Fri Morning(Early AM, like 1A), so these Protesters;

A video posted by T Wiz (@tatwza) on

A video posted by T Wiz (@tatwza) on

Ended up into this Confrontation Between Protesters & NYPD;

From the looks of it, Protesters were taking over the streets, not staying on the sidewalk, and although they had been all night, it got down to enough protesters that the NYPD felt like it could manage, and started announcing to get out of the street. The NYPD used pepper spray, and what’s called LRAD, which stands for Long Range Acoustic Device, which would be that ringing thing you hear. I tell you what, although not cool, I would take pepper spray and loud noises all day long over bullets!

But as long as the protesters keep up the work here in NYC, there will be Confrontation Between Protesters & NYPD.