Path train riders get riled up during a train ride. Who is in the wrong you be the judge… see more inside



What seems to look like another foolish ‘turn up” train ride video, can also be seen as self protection to others. In the video below a man who is trying to protect his family from what appeared to be a drunk passenger(If you catch the beginning real quick) is caught on film Getting crazy with another passenger (F. The other passenger a woman I guess did not agree with his behavior and decided to take it up with the man.

The uploader of the video stated that “mom got in between to prevent the fight from happening, but the man began to harass and attack my mom.” But this my friends seems like a simple case of when NOT minding your business goes wrong. Why are you a woman jumping in between the fight of two men ? Not too sure of what EXACTLY happened prior to the starting of the recording but we can absolutely see from the footage that things went left.

I have personally got into verbal altercations with people on the train, so I know how it feels when your security and the security of the ones around you are being tested. Did he take it a little too far? Maybe…. only because I feel that was not the best example to set for his son nor is it cute for a man to try and get in the face of a woman when you are a man. My opinon tho..