Robert Griffin III, Trent Williams, Fred Davis

With the Washington Redskins having another very disappointing season, it’s now even cheaper than ever to see that catastrophe in person with Redskins tickets going for the price of a corner store sandwich.

Shay Marie

via ProFootballTalk

According to John Keim of, some Redskins tickets to Sunday’s game against the Rams have fallen to a price of $4 on the secondary market.  Standing-room only seats can be had for a mere $3.

Elsewhere, more than 6,400 tickets can be purchased starting at $5.25.

None of this affects the franchise directly; Washington has received face value for most if not all of the tickets already sold.  But the folks who have decided they’d rather stay home than use the tickets that they’ve purchased are the ones losing money.

Eventually, those are the people who may decide to quit paying face value for tickets.  And that’s when Washington owner Daniel Snyder will have a major problem.

So what will be done to keep that from occurring?  Answers will come in as few as 23 days, after the team’s regular season ends.

There of course will be major changes made and one expected is a change at the quarterback position.  Opposition to starting quarterback Robert Griffin III has only grown as the team continues to fail.  One player even spoke out, albeit anonymously, and said the locker room has lost faith in the quarterback.