George W. Bush
George Bush Speaks On Grand Jury Decision in the Eric Garner case, and Bush is the last person we would expect to comment, but now that he has, what is he talking about?? I get him saying it’s sad, and he’s right, but talking about ‘remembering back to race riots in the 70’s’, what about remembering back to Katrina, and not landing to be with the people?? How about remembering back to stealing the election(twice) by not letting Black people vote in his Brothers state(Gov Jed Bush) of Florida?? And the protests at his inaugural ceremony??

Tat Wza
George Bush Speaks On Grand Jury Decision:
Former President Bush states he ‘feels like we’ve come a log way’ with Race in America, but how does he get to that conclusion when he was one of those presidents that helped to alienate African Americans??

From this clip, it sounds like his wife Milly is the one with a good head on her shoulders! She has to tell him whats really going on, ‘you have to understand that black people don’t trust law enforcement’…Yes Mr. Bush, we don’t trust the people that are here to protect us, BECAUSE THEY KILL USS AND DON’T PROTECT US!!!!

What is there not to understand???