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Apparently, LeBron James broke royal protocol.  Earlier today I posted some photos of LeBron James meeting with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate after the Cleveland Cavaliers game against the Brooklyn Nets.  Well there are more pictures and the British aren’t fond of how he interacted with the Duchess, as well as his appearance.

Shay Marie

via Daily Mail:

Prince William and Kate posed with the star Cleveland Cavaliers player in New York yesterday after a game with the Brooklyn Nets, where they were presented with a shirt for Prince George.  But as the camera flashes went off, Mr James put his arm around the Duchess’ shoulder – a breach in etiquette, even though he is known as King James, LeBron James broke royal protocol.

Etiquette expert William Hanson told MailOnline that although the Duchess is unlikely to give Mr James the cold shoulder, he still should have kept his arm away from her.

‘Americans are much more tactile than we Brits and this is another example of an American being too touchy feely with British royalty. You’d have think they’d have learned by now.’

The 6ft 8in basketball star also appeared alongside the royals in a sweaty top, which some may regard as bad form.

Mr Hanson added: ‘A shower would have been preferable but he had just finished a game – so even more reason for him not have opened his pits by lifting his arm and placing it around Her Royal Highness!’

During his backstage meeting with the royal couple, James presented them with cup cakes from his hometown, Akron, Ohio.

Hen then asked William what size shoes he wore, to which the Prince replied, ‘Half the size of yours,’ while pointing at the star’s huge feet.

The Duchess promptly burst into a fit of giggles, before brushing her hair back from her face as she attempted to regain her posture.