Former PS 249 science teacher, Omil Carrasquillo is facing up to two dozen counts of sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child after nine students, between ages 8-11, have come forward about Carrasquillo’s inappropriate advances. The Brooklyn teacher’s claims is that the alleged abuse was nothing more than a, “hug” for the students when they were doing well. WHAT HAPPENED TO A GOLD STICKER STAR?

Carrasquillo was a teacher for eight years prior to the breaking of this news. When they had found out about the abuse, PS 249 took immediate action.”These allegations are disturbing, and we removed Mr. Carrasquillo immediately: He is not near any students. We are investigating the matter and supporting this school community,” the New York City Department of Education said in a statement. This was after they had her stories from four different students. During the investigation, PS 249 came across five more students alleging sexual abuse. Carrasquillo later resigned.

Investigators say the incidents involved the teacher touching the girls’ private parts and rubbing their breasts and buttocks.

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“This is a disturbing case in which a teacher allegedly groped young girls,” said Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson. “This defendant is an alleged predator who surrounded himself with vulnerable victims. What should have been a safe haven instead became a parent’s worst nightmare.”

Carrasquillo’s attorney, Anthony La Pinta, states that his client was honorably discharged from the Army in 2000 and then volunteered for the National Guard. He also spent some time working at Ground Zero after the 9/11 attacks as well as coaching athletes for the Special Olympics. This argument was used to get the teacher released on a $200,000 bail, where he was able to go home to his wife, Dana and 7-year-old son. Carrasquillo is scheduled to go back to court on February 6.

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