Indianara Carvalho has recently been crowned the 2014 Miss Bum Bum Brazil winner. The 22-year-old blonde hottie is planning to pose in a fully nude photo shoot soon but before she does so, Carvalho is planning to go under the knife for a vaginal reconstruction surgery. She plans to get the surgery done so she can look “exactly as [she] came into the world” before the nude photos of her are taken. Carvalho also plans to abstain from having sex completely after the surgery takes place until she “finds the right one” who is worthy of her giving up the goods to.

The Brazilian bombshell says, “I wanted to undergo surgery to reconstruct my virginity (Hymenoplasty) before I have new photographs done. I wouldn’t feel good about appearing naked if I wasn’t exactly as I came into the world if you know what I mean. I think I also want to give a bit of respect and new concept to the Miss Bumbum title by being a virgin.”

That might be the most ridiculous and out-of-control thing I’ve ever heard in my life. I had no idea something like that even exists! They have surgery for EVERYTHING now-a-days. Check out some pics of Indianara Carvalho over in the gallery.

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Source: VladTV