Drake vs Diddy

As you know by now, Diddy and Drake got into a fight in Miami on Sunday night outside of LIV nightclub, and though DJ Sam Sneaker was sure to note it was NOT over Cassie, no one was quite sure what the heck it was. Well, TMZ did a little digging since then, and found that it was over a song – Drizzy’s now 2-time Grammy nominated “0-100.” (It just received nods for both Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song.)

According to the original report, the song’s producer Boi-1da had given both Diddy and Drizzy the track to record over 8 months ago, and Drake got frustrated when Diddy just sat on it, so he went ahead and did it on his own. In a video that has surfaced since then – showing Diddy at Story nightclub in Miami back in June – he addresses the topic without naming names, and says he gave the song’s owner the beat, and then they “stole it.”

Marisa Mendez

Whatever the case, Diddy isn’t happy about the situation, and saw Drake for the first time on Sunday since the song was released. Of course he had to address it, and did so in such an aggressive manor that it resulted in him punching Drake. In the movement of the scuffle, Drake re-injured his previously hurt shoulder, and that’s what led him to the ER. So it wasn’t necessarily directly from Diddy’s wrath, but still related.

Drake is seemingly unbothered, though, judging by this morning’s Instagram posts. It’s all such a mess! Check the video below and pics of Diddy and Drizzy in better times in the gallery.

Source: TMZ