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Former Laker and current owner of the Dodgers, Magic Johnson hopes Lakers lose every game.  Of course he said it because he wants the Lakers to tank and get a high draft pick.  Still the comment didn’t go over too well with Laker Nation and Laker guard Nick Young.

Shay Marie

“I hope the Lakers lose every game,” Johnson told reporters. “Because if you’re going to lose, lose. And I’m serious.”

After the game, Kobe Bryant kept Johnson’s thoughts in perspective.

“He’s used to being an owner. He’s an owner of the Dodgers. He was an owner of the Lakers. That’s speaking from an owner’s perspective. I think the fans — or hopefully some of them — are probably smart enough to understand his perspective as an owner. I certainly am.

“I don’t see teams tanking. It doesn’t happen. Maybe there are certain teams in the league — and this is not one of them — where ownership sits up there in their office and they’re crossing their fingers quietly and hoping,” Bryant said. “But the players themselves? Never. Players play. Players play and players try to win every single game. That’s just what we do.”

Nick Young however had a different perspective.  Of course it was in his usual joking manner.

“I’m going to have to tell Magic to stay at Dodgers Stadium for awhile,” he joked. “Don’t bring that smile around here. I’ll do all the smiling for now!”

h/t ESPN