Meek x Nicki
Nicki Minaj and her ex SB are obviously not on good terms. I mean, is anyone ever on good terms with their ex when they first break up? (Well, some are…but you guys are weird. LOL!) If you didn’t know, Nicki and SB dated for over a decade, having been together way before the fame and the fortune. They’ve had their ups and downs throughout their relationship, but recently, the pair had what seems like may be their final split.

As more details came out about the breakup, Nicki apparently busted the windows out of the Benz she bought for SB, and if the lyrics in her new song “Bed Of Lies” have any truth to them, it’s because he was a cheating dirty dog!

SB has not been dealing with the breakup well, naturally, and not only deleted his Twitter…but now is pulling some petty moves on Instagram!

Marisa Mendez

Last night, SB followed one of Nicki’s competitors – none other than Iggy Azalea! Now we all know that Nicki isn’t her biggest fan either, so that’s just petty, petty, petty! But wait, there’s more!

Could it be because he’s jealous of her reported new boo? Multiple accounts are stating that Nicki and Meek Mill are more than just song collaborators, they’re boyfriend and girlfriend! I actually know a lot more, but I’m not at liberty to reveal just yet. It will come out soon. Either way, word on the street is they’re an item, and honestly, I think they’re perfect for each other! They’re both hood but have adjusted to superstardom quite nicely, they’re very in-demand artists, the both have money, they both love the bike life, they’re both from the east coast, they’re both in same age range…I could go on and on. I’m definitely Team OMEEKa! What about you?