On Wednesday night at approximately 10 PM, seven people were injured after a car crashed into the Forever 21 clothing store in Manhattan’s Herald Square. According to police reports, a woman driving a silver Ford Mustang rear-ended an SUV while driving on West 34th Street and then attempted to flee by putting the car in reverse, which resulting in her hitting a second car. After the Mustang hit the second car, the impact caused the vehicle to jump the curb and go directly into the Forever 21, leaving six people seriously injured and another with minor injures.

The NYPD officers are currently trying to determine whether or not the driver of the vehicle was under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. The driver, a passenger, a Forever 21 employee and four other pedestrians were all taken to Bellevue Hospital where they were all listed as being in stable condition. As for the Mustang, it is completely totaled. The woman is lucky she didn’t die because the crash looked UGLY! Check out some wild photos from the crash scene below.

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How scary! I’m at that Forever 21 ALLLLLLLL of the time. Thank goodness the injuries did not leave anyone in critical condition. Crazy!

Source: NBC

Photos: Palm Beach Post