Angry Grandpa Destroys PS4, he has gone toooooo far!! Feels like his family may take action after his recent ‘bug out’, over christmas cookies?!

Tat Wza

Angry Grandpa Destroys PS4, so the video shows him going off on what I assume is some sort family member, about ‘christmas cookies’, and it looks as though he was planning this for a while as the argument hits on ‘we said Saturday, where are the christmas cookies??’, but the family member states, ‘you were just gonna prank me’. After the yelling match seemed over and Angry Grandpa left the room, he returned with the ‘Avenger'(which we know because at the end, grandpa picks it up and says ‘come on avenger’), and went right for the PS4….as a gamer, VERY hard to watch, I caution that if you respect your devices/systems, this will be hard for you to watch too;

Dude fell apart, when he wakes up in the morn and starts going through withdrawal, he might really call the cops!