Drake vs Diddy

If you’ve been living under a rock, then you may not know that this past Sunday, Drake and Diddy got into quite a scuffle at Miami nightclub, LIV. As the week has gone on, details about the situation have trickled out from various news sources, and today, IFWT has even more exclusive details from TWO people on the scene. Let’s recap what has been confirmed thus far first:

1. The fight was NOT over Cassie, but rather Drake’s song, “0-100.”
2. Diddy was pissed that Drake just took the beat and ran with it, despite the fact it was given to them by its producer, Boi-1da, for them BOTH to be on.
3. Drake didn’t want to wait around for Diddy any longer, who was “sitting on” the song, so that’s when he recorded the now Grammy-nominated “0-100” and put it out.
4. Diddy has been pissed about this for MONTHS, even throwing shots toward Drake to an entire club back in June, but the video flew under the radar.
5. Sunday at LIV was the first time the guys have seen each other since Drake put the song out.
6. Drake was hospitalized for a dislocated shoulder following the fight.

Now, as we mentioned, IFWT spoke with 2 sources on the scene, and we have more details for you below!

Marisa Mendez

Here’s how it went down:

Diddy and his manager pull up to the parking lot behind LIV. Diddy’s manager goes into the club to get Diddy’s table situation correct, while Diddy remains in their vehicle. While he’s sitting in the car, Drake’s vehicle pulls up. Upon seeing this, Diddy exits his vehicle and approaches Drake’s vehicle. He taps on the window to talk to him. Instead of acknowledging the tap, Drake looks forward and ignores Diddy, so Diddy taps on the glass a second time.

Diddy says calmly, “Yo, I just want to talk to you for a sec, playboy. You ain’t scared to talk for a sec, right?”

At this point, Drake opens the door and steps out, saying, “I’m not scared to talk to nobody!”

Within a 10 to 15 second time period, very few words were exchanged between the two. Then, Diddy smacked Drake for the first time. Then he smacked him a second time, then he punched him. Drake’s security, now in fear of him getting pounded out, jump in at this point, and yank his arm so hard while putting him back in the vehicle that THAT is the reason his shoulder becomes dislodged. From here, Drake and his team leave the premises (likely heading to the hospital,) and Diddy finally enters the club and enjoys his CIROC.

This beef has obviously been brewing for a minute, and Drake was likely very aware that there would be a situation. Suddenly, those lyrics on “6 God” become loud and clear:

I give a f#ck about old boy
I give a f#ck about his squad boy
I give a f#ck about your mob boy
I’m the real 6 God boy
I’m about to say a true thing
I’m about to say a true thing
You was poppin’ back when Usher wore a U-chain
God damn you changed

And in the ad-libs, he says multiple times, “You old, boy!”

“6 God” was released back in October of this year.