It’s about that time – you know, when people feel the need to make changes in their lives. Out with the old and in with the new. Apparently, that includes names. This MMG member says that as of January 1, 2015, he will have a whole new name.

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JaaiR (JR)
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During a Twitter announcement, Gunplay has decided that come January 1, 2015, he’s to be addressed as Don Logan. “YO!! I’m officially changing my name to ‘DON LOGAN’ new years day!!,” tweeted the 50 Bars rapper. While he hasn’t offered up too much of an explanation, we could only guess one of two things: 1. He needs to become more commercially accepted. Not too many music outlets like to use the name GUNPLAY or; 2. He’s simply looking for a change. I mean, he has progressed over the years and making even more moves would be the next thing to do.

Gunplay wants people to take notice of the change immediately. He takes to all social media to make the switch clear.

I think I’ll change my name; call myself…I don’t know, I think of something before 2015 hits us.

Check out the gallery for Gunplay’s official announcement.

Don Logan has linked up with Peryon for one of his latest singles, I Tried. Check it out.