All-pro running back Adrian Peterson has not kept quiet about how he feels the NFL is handling his case.  Peterson says the league is using him to make an example and are making up new disciplinary rules as they go along.  Peterson’s appeal was denied and his suspension was upheld for violating the league’s personal conduct policy.  Running back Ray Rice on the other hand won his appeal and has been reinstated back into the NFL.  Peterson is accused of child abuse, pictures were shown of the welts left on his four-year old son after a beating.  Rice was accused of domestic violence after a video was shown of him knocking out his now wife, Janay Palmer.  Comparing the two cases, Peterson is wondering how did Ray Rice get reinstated before him.

Shay Marie

Peterson, in an hour-long phone interview with ESPN.com‘s Ben Goessling on Friday night, questioned the ruling.

“I feel like they’re handling the situation absolutely wrong,” he said. “I think I’ve been made an example out of. It kind of baffles me how — I have nothing but love for Ray Rice, I’m happy he has the chance to play. But it’s like, how did Ray Rice get reinstated before me, a team has a chance to pick him up, but I don’t have the opportunity to come back until April. When has that happened in any other case in the NFL, ever?”

Peterson has plans to sue the NFL but he is also considering retiring from the league.  He says he wants to get back into real estate and is also thinking about racing in the Olympics.