Jeremih seems to be putting himself in hot water these days. Just a few weeks ago, he was involved in an incident that happened at Fuddruckers. Last night, him and two of his boys were arrested at Newark Liberty International Aiport. What did he do exactly?
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Jeremy Felton aka Jeremih was arrested for trying to board a plane after the gate was already closed. A spokesman for Port Authority said that Jeremih was travelling with a group as they attempted to board a US air flight to Phoenix around 1:35 p.m. One of his friends was already on the plane and he made an attempt to pry open the jetway door so that the late comers, Jeremih and the other man in their entourage could get on. It’s not clear of the singer and his peoples were hostile in any way, but their poor choices and actions called for an arrest to be made.

Jeremih was taken into custody and is being charged with disorderly conduct and obstruction along with Adam Woods. The third guy arrested, Dontate Cunningham is being charged with defiant trespass. According to Port Authority, they were later released.