4. Birdman - $160 mil
Birdman Finally Speaks On Lil Wayne, Well through ‘sources’ but still we’re getting word that Baby is talking about what’s going on with Wayne, and that he’s NOT happy with the way Weezy’s handling the situation.

Tat Wza
Birdman Finally Speaks On Lil Wayne:
Ok here’s what Baby allegedly said to TMZ(so they say);

he’s deeply offended by Weezy’s public rants, is unmoved and vows to duke it out in court if necessary, because a contract is a contract. there’s lots of administrative work that goes into releasing a record, and Weezy is just a rapper, not a businessman, so what does he know? still intends to release the album, but on his time, not Weezy’s.

Birdman Finally Speaks On Lil Wayne:
Analysis, Baby is out here making paper off of Rich Gang, which he’s made pretty clear, and building a new brand with Young Thug, and Rich Homie Quan, and when he’s done doing that, he knows people want the Carter 5, he’s gonna release it. He pretty much is saying Weezy needs to calm that ass down, let him make this paper, then he’ll get back to him. Now does that mean Nicki is on hold too???