Talk about breaking down the Internet. When Lil Wayne hit up Twitter and the ‘Gram to express his emotions on Cash Money Records and daddy Birdman, fans went wild. “To all my fans, I want u to know that my album won’t and hasn’t been released bekuz Baby and Cash Money Rec. refuse to release it,” Wayne tweeted out. Baby and Mack Maine have since offered a solution as to the next steps of Cash Money and Lil Wayne’s album release, so now, it’s Nicki Minaj’s turn.

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While on a massive media run to promote her new album, ‘The Pinkprint‘ Nicki spoke with DJ Whoo Kid about Jay Z being her inspiration on the album and of course, the beef within the Cash Money house.

“When you’re at the top, there’s only one place to aim at,” she said of media attention on the perceived beef. “They gon’ aim at us. We good. Love conquers all. I do know that, no matter what, we’re a family. We’re not always the best of friends and chummy chummy, but we’re a family and we love each other underneath it all. I know that Wayne and Baby love each other. And I know they’re going to resolve anything that needs to be resolved. I am Young Money. I’m’ Young Money. I ride with Wayne on whatever. That’s just how I am. But Baby has played such a huge role in my mental stability. I don’t know if people know, Baby will call you and text you all day, just making you feel good. Making you feel inspired. One time he called me like, ‘Yo Barbie,’ he’s like one of the only people who still calls me Barbie by the way, he’s like, ‘Yo Barbie, I’m seeing your posters all around, you doing your thing Barbie. I respect that.’ This is Baby on my phone telling me he respects my business move.

Hopefully, the team can get past this. We wouldn’t want to see an empire fall apart right before our very own eyes.

Listen to Nicki’s interview with DJ Whoo Kid.

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