Chris Brown and Karrueche

Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran have only been broken up for like a week, and they’re already on the road to reconciliation. “I’m so shocked that Chris and Karrueche are going to get back together this time!” said no one ever.

Last weekend, things got pretty messy between the on-again/off-again couple, with Breezy taking to Instagram to accuse Kae of only riding for him simply when it’s convenient, going on dates with Drake, participating in threesomes and more. He later apologized, but needless to say, Karrueche wasn’t pleased, and vowed on Twitter that this breakup would be their last. Unsurprisingly, she lied.

Marisa Mendez

Though they’re not an official item just yet because “she wants to make him work for it,” they’ve been popping up at the same place more than once in the last week, and TSR reports that Kae’s friends say they are actively talking and texting.

Check out pics in the gallery of the pair spotted at Pinz Bowling Alley and Jhene Aiko’s concert, plus Breezy‘s tweet about Kae looking “amazing.” How long are we estimating until they’re official once again? A week? 2?

Source: LifeIsTremendez