The perfect marriage proposal. This is the moment that most woman dream of, while men wrack their brains over it, trying to provide the most unforgettable moment. Well this proposal was certainly unforgettable, as this Dutchman’s proposal turned into an epic fail when the crane that he rented smashed through the neighbors roof.

Jade Raven

An unidentified Dutchman from the central town of Ijsselstein tried to pull off the ultimate marriage proposal when he rented a crane to help him with his big moment

The man was planning to descend in front of his girlfriend’s bedroom window first thing Saturday morning, play her a song (I’m assuming while he was hanging in the air) and then pop the question.

Instead the crane toppled over, smashing a large hole in the neighbors’ roof.

The man was carried off to safety and no one was injured.

Needless to say, the proposal was a smashing success.

According to the Algemeen Dagblad newspaper, the girlfriend said “yes”. The pair traveled to Paris to celebrate, reported police.

But wait!

The crane fell again in the attempts to fix it with a larger crane, bashing in the rest of the neighbors’ roof in.

The town’s mayor arrived on scene after the building was declared unsafe. Six apartments were evacuated.