A New Jersey man Nelson Anderson was busted with 250 pounds of weed today in Cherry Hill, NJ. The man loaded up about 100 pounds in his car and still had another 150 left in his storage unit. What he didn’t know was that the feds were watching… as they always are.


He was pulled over and got his car impounded, the cops obtained a search warrant for his car and his storage and the rest was history. Now it’s not clear yet as to whether all drugs seized were his or if he’s just part of a large drug dealing scheme in Cherry Hill but he’s being charged with first-degree distribution. Now I don’t know much about dealing drugs but I know enough to know that you should never have THAT much weed on you. No matter how much of a drug dealer you feel you are, that is way too much weed for one person to transport. The street value of that much weed is estimated to be about 500k. Nelson, you know you dun f****d up right? Next time (if there’s ever going to be one) you want to be a drug lord, start off slow. A dime bag or two should get your feet wet. Let me know what you guys think about Nelson, drug lord or village idiot?

Source: Nj.com