Kendrick Lamar continues to leave fans (me) in suspense on when his sophomore album will be released, or even its title. There was some exciremnet when a ‘leaked’ tracklist hit the ‘net, however it turned out to be a fake. What a way to break a girl’s heart. On his journey to loving himself, the California rapper adds anticipation as he sits down and talks to XXL Magazine. Using his own words, Kendrick created a story for the magazine titled, Writer At War.

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Within the story, K.Dot talks fame, the impact that his fans has had on him, how he has impacted fans and more. where he explores his experience with his extraordinary fame, the impact he has had on his fans (and vice versa), the process in which he records, his overall mind state after two years on the road and so much more.

Kendrick also performs a short thought on those moments you take out of life to ask yourself, ‘is this where I’m suppose to be’.

So you ask yourself in the midnight hour ‘Who am I? Is this really what I am suppose to be doing? How did I get here? Why am I doing this? What’s my responsibility?‘ It’s a real trippy thing — you feel me, and I think it’s something that nobody can really undertand. Only an artist can.

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