Coming to surface is an arrest that took place on Thanksgiving day, when Cesar Baldelomar age 26 became the Harvard Graduate Arrested For Playing NWA Too Loud while driving in Hialeh, Florida. It’s reported that “Fuck the Police” came on his radio that day when Officer Harold Garzon said allegedly, “Really? You’re really playing that song? Pull over.”

Cesar Baldelomar, the Harvard Graduate Arrested For Playing NWA then went to court where they cited it’s illegal to play “loud music” within 25 feet of a person. (“A person,” really? C’mon son!!!). Being the educated man that he is and in a swift move scoring one for Hip Hop (and himself), Cesar shot back by citing the 2012 decision that maintains loud music played by cars is a part of free speech.

In the final opinion of the Court, Justice Jorge Labarga wrote, “The right to play music, including amplified music, in public foray is protected under the First Amendment.”

Against the backdrop of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, the focus on police brutality, and the relationship between cops and communities, the times are extra sensitive. Not only does the prospect of a Harvard Graduate Arrested For Playing NWA “F**k The Police” seem to fit the sequence of events in its own small way, but Cesar’s victory in court is another sign of power in “the people.” (Though he ended up being charged for no proof of insurance and driving with an out of state license, which he denies as well).

No doubt that in the Harvard Graduate Arrested For Playing NWA “F**k The Police” story there’s also negative undertone in the term “loud music,” which seemingly is the usual taste and label for Hip Hop. It’s funny and encouraging though to see the law used against itself for Hip Hop’s defense. Just remember, no you don’t have to be a graduate of Harvard or a law student, BUT he got out of court clean because he knew the law and his rights. (Message!)

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