Michael Vick still loves playing football video games, but not as himself.  Instead he says he prefers to “play with a passer”.  So who’s the best passer?

Shay Marie

None other than New England Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady.

Vick was in New York on Tuesday donating Nike sneakers to the Boys and Girls Club of Harlem. With Christmas right around the corner he revealed his favorite holiday memory is getting his first Nintendo.

And that’s when the Madden issue or rather, the Brady issue comes up. Considering the NY Jets play Tom Brady and the Patriots this upcoming Sunday, his comment might piss of loyal Jets fans. But honestly Jets fans, players, and coaches have more to worry about like the fact they’re 3-11 and might need a total team overhaul including the front office, coach and quarterback.

As for his future with Gang Green, Vick says he’s not sure about next season.

Vick did have some brief success with the Jets when he took over for Geno Smith who was benched but it wasn’t enough to help the downtrodden team.  Still it was enough to put him on somebody’s roster next season even if he continues to be as a backup.

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