Americans Search Booty More Than Boobs:

The prestigious Pornhub Insights team combed through the past year of Pornhub and Youporn search statistics to determine “which body parts are most lusted over in which parts of the world.” (And you thought those boring statistics classes would never come in handy!) What the crack team found was butt-related searches beat out boob-related searches in the United States. That makes America an outlier in Western culture, with Australia and most of Europe preferring the bosom. Meanwhile, the Southern Hemisphere prefers backsides, with nearly all of Africa and South America favoring the booty.

The desire for big butts isn’t new. Large booties long have been preferable in Latino and black communities, says Dr. Dionne Stephens, an associate psychology professor at Florida International University who has researched sexuality in popular culture.It seem like now the rest of the world is catching on.
Americans Search Booty More Than Boobs!!