Fabolous and 50 Cent

Fabolous Could Have Signed To G Unit ?
A couple of years Back, just about around the year 2006.The Bed-Stuy Brooklyn New York rapper Known as Fabolous made a pretty name for himself in the music industry, right around when he made the big career changing move when he signed over with Def Jam . But what if the Bevroot Projects Prophet had some other options on his plate ? an alternative by any chance ?Well In a recent interview yesterday on December 17th back on Hot 97 show Ebro in the morning, The Credible lyricist and Brooklyn veteran, Fabolous reveals that there was in fact a couple different routes he could have taken with his career as appose to taking that Def Jam Deal.

The New Young OG, Fabolous brought it to the Hot 97 Mic that Fabolous Could Have Signed To G Unit around the same time he turned caught that deal with Legendary Def Jam recordings and ended up denying the 50 Cent driven super group (NIIIIIIIIIIIICE). Could you imagine ? Yung Buck, The Game, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo? 50 Cent ? all there missing is a Rapper to represent the borough of Brooklyn. The Question Of course Led up when Ebro of Hot 97 asked Fabolous if he thought he made any mistakes concerning his brand Through his career. To that, it was replied that Fabolous Could Have Signed To G Unit.
He Quoted :

“Not really. I think everything that’s happened to this point has happened for a reason. I could’ve signed to G-Unit in ’05 or ’06 and I may be in a different place than I am today, or I could’ve stayed at Interscope when they fired Clue… So the things I’ve done in my career have led me to the place that I am now.”

Written By : Eric Scantlebury

Want to See the interview ? Check out the video below and see Fabolous Talk about his new album Young OG dropping on Christmas Day.

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