IFWT_Xiamen Air  (2)
A man is facing jail time after he proceeded to open the emergency exit door of a plane during take off.


A passenger on a Domestic Chinese flight may be facing jail time after one the most ridiculous actions a person could do. Its reported that Xiamen Air was headed from Hangzhou to Chengdu earlier this week when during take off a man reached over towards the emergency exit door and pulled the lever. The pilots had to immedietly bring the plane to a full hault and bring it back to a safe area where officials could find out what happened. When questoned about his actions the man admitted that he was a first time flyer and only wanted some “fresh air”. Impossible to believe that he could not know what he was doing was wrong but maybe he didn’t. This incident comes after Chinese airlines have been going through some recent trouble. Just last week a flight attendant had hot soup thrown in her face after she was denied a seat next to her boyfriend and that was a couple days before another man had opend the emergency exit door uopn landing because he said ” It was quicker than waiting”. Chinese airlines have been going through it all. Who can tell what will be next.