ifwt_Ashanti x stalker 1

This is honestly scary. Imagine someone sending you sexually explicit tweets all day, then following up and sending equally as bad messages to your mom?! I would want this crazy person behind bars for life, and that’s exactly what Ashanti is trying to do with her stalker.

Devar Hurd, a Chicago native who was in his early 30’s at the time, met Ashanti at a gig back in 2009, and acquired her momager’s number under the guise of ‘doing business.’ From there, he began sending her explicit texts and D pics, which he would later claim were for her daughter (Ashanti.) Enough was enough after one too many texts, and Tina Douglas had him locked up for stalking, receiving a full 2 years at Rikers – where he was actually locked up with Lil Wayne. He was later released, and after doing the same thing on Twitter, they brought him right back to jail in 2013.

Now the trial has officially begun, and the court is allow Devar to represent himself…and to be in the same room as the singer and even cross-examine her! That’s unfair! He’s probably getting his rocks off just on that!

“@ashanti I know how emotional you are when it comes to our sex life… us f—in is very emotional on both ends…” was one such tweet from Devar.

“Wassup Shani… everything good?” was how Devar started the examination. “How’s ‘Army Wives’ going? Are you still acting on that show?”

Hurd was close to getting removed from acting as his lawyer after repeated admonishments by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Daniel Conviser, who said he would put Hurd’s legal adviser, Michael Fineman, in charge if the defendant could not control himself. The case continues today. SMH!

Source: NYDN