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Bobby Shmurdas Lawyer Says The Government Hates Rap ?

Shmurda and 14 other members of GS9 were arrested on Wednesday December 17th Outside at Quad Studios in New York City, while 21 weapons were found and seized. The arrests were part of a long-term investigation by the agency and the New York Police Department’s newly created Brooklyn South Violence Reduction Task Force that dates back at least to July, if not longer. Kati Cornell, director of public information for New York’s Special Narcotics Prosecutor stated that “a number of violent incidents as well as narcotics trafficking” were taken into account.

Bobby Shmurdas Lawyer Says The Government Hates Rap ?

The details from the crazy investigation were in a press release sent out by the office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor for New York City. Bobbys Crew were indicted on 69 charges in total, including murder, attempted murder, assault, attempted assault, weapons possession, criminal use of a firearm, reckless endangerment, narcotics sales and criminally using drug paraphernalia.
Bobby Shmurda himself was charged with criminal possession of a weapon, criminally using drug paraphernalia, reckless endangerment and conspiracy in the 2nd and 4th degree ,But Howard Greenberg, Bobby Shmurdas lawyer, thinks his client is being targeted because he’s a young, successful black rapper.

Written By : Eric Scantlebury

“Let me give you some context,” Greenberg told XXL over the phone. “The government hates rap and the government hates rappers. They target these guys and construct a narrative around them and then they rationalize the narrative in order to get an indictment. I had said previously, it’s a bunch of bullshit. What they do is they recruit guiltless, loveless people who are truth less that are jealous of brothers on the way up and they get them to implicate them.”

Greenberg says that the charges are fabricated and the conspiracy charges on Shmurda are baseless.

“I gave the indictment a close read and the first 41 pages [are] just talk,” Greenberg said “It’s street lingo that isn’t even English, which is susceptible to interpretation that’s so broad, it’s unduly vague. In the argument yesterday they said that there were guns in his car; what they didn’t say is that two guns were in a closed container in the possession of somebody else, not Bobby. They misspoke about that to the Supreme Court. In the defense bar we style conspiracy charges as one of the darlings of the prosecutor’s nursery. People of color should be very afraid of these kind of prosecutions. They are selective. They start by aiming at a guy’s lyrics to begin.”

Bobby Shmurdas Lawyer Says The Government Hates Rap and that the government will even go so far as to break the First Amendment to get an indictment. He also says the conspiracy charges to his clients both Bobby and Shmurda’s brother Javase Pollard—are “insidious.” Mr. Greenberg expounded that he’s not sure if the “Hot Nigga” rapper is in jail or not but that Epic Records should “stand behind their artist. But then again it is a subdivision of Sony, so you tell me if the have the balls to stand up for their people.”

“My guy is rich, he’s busy, he’s always on tour,” Greenberg added. “He doesn’t have time for this bullshit; it makes no sense. He’s making more money legit than it’s possible to make, it’s crazy. My guys are legit, end of story. Give me a fuckin’ break. But he’s a target.”

Bobby Shmurdas Lawyer Says The Government Hates Rap ?

Justice James Burke set bail at $2 million for Shmurda and as of Thursday night he hasn’t posted bail. Other defendants named in the indictment were arraigned and sent to Rikers Island, according to The New York Times. All of the defendants pleaded not guilty.

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