Ferguson DA on Lies
Breaking news this evening as Ferguson DA Breaks Silence on Lying Witnesses, stating he “expected criticism” regarding the witnesses that were used in the now notorious Mike Brown case that catapulted the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Why exactly did he “expect” this? Because the witnesses submitted testimonies that were not completely true, in fact, portions known before* hand to be largely untrue–yes…LIES. District Attorney McCulloch states he was merely, “trying to paint the whole picture.” Mmm…

Ferguson DA Breaks Silence on Lying Witnesses as St. Louis District Attorney Robert McCulloch took to a Missouri radio program today to admit he used witnesses with partially false stories in the case that brought about no trial or indictment of Officer Darren Wilson in the murder of Michael Brown.

In now unscrupulous tales of the situation McCulloch told listeners today:

“In the case of Witness no. 40, who is the only witness that backed up officer Darren Wilson’s version of events, I’m sure she was nowhere near the place. She recounted a statement that was right out of the newspapers.”

It turns out “Witness no. 40” also recounted numerous statements she’d made while she simultaneously posting those statements on her Facebook page–to raise money for Darren Wilson.

If that’s not enough, McCulloch describes making the decision to call “anyone who claimed to have seen anything” to come forward. While he says he was trying to “paint the entire picture” and make sure all potential witnesses would be heard and taken seriously, no matter where they lived or who they were in relation Mike Brown and the scene of the murder, he also said things like this which totally cancel out any conceivable rationale.

“There were people who came in and, yes, absolutely lied under oath. Some lied to the FBI. Even though they’re not under oath, that’s another potential offense — a federal offense.”

Say whaaaat?!?!?! *Tamar Braxton voice*–THE LIES YOU TELL!

Check out the video below and to read the entire transcript of the interview click on the source and scroll down. Stay strong, #BlackLivesMatter

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