RIP Larry Smith
It’s confirmed that Legendary Hip Hop Producer Larry Smith Dies at the age of 63 as of yesterday evening. Known to many as the “King of Beats,” the culture is definitely in mourning and celebrating the life of the Queens native who also helped craft the careers of Run DMC and Whodini.

As Legendary Hip Hop Producer Larry Smith Dies, the out pour of appreciation is just beginning. Reverend Run tweeted out:

“RIP to the greatest hip hop producer of all times….Produced my biggest and most significant hits”

…just a few hours ago. Larry Smith, born 1951 in St. Albans, Queens not only co-produced the classic “Run-D.M.C.” and “Kings of Rock” albums with cultural heavyweight and Def Jam founder Russell Simmons, but he also was the man behind Whodini’s “Escape” and “Back in Black” albums, (which includes the major hit “Freaks Come Out at Night” and both went platinum in the mid-80’s).

With this news (and any news on Hip Hop legends) comes perspective. Despite enduring commentary of “old school vs. new school,” Hip Hop is still a culture and music form in its infancy, barely if even 50 years old. Surprising to think about with it’s billion dollar global reach and mass appeal at present. Coming from the neighborhood block parties of Sedgwick and Cedar, DJ Kool Herc’s humongous speakers, the ghettos and parks of the Bronx, Harlem, and then the world. Legendary Hip Hop Producer Larry Smith Dies begs our appreciation of the architects and ground breakers who not only crushed the game behind the scenes, but gave us the swag seeds to create and push a movement that we not only express ourselves in but still eat off of today.

The news that Legendary Hip Hop Producer Larry Smith Dies is another reminder that Hip Hop’s early cultural pioneers are never to be forgotten, always to be respected, and leave behind timeless legacies still inspiring us today.

RIP Larry Smith, SALUTE.

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