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Phaedra Parks Brings Kids To Jail To See Apollo On Christmas? If your a fan of Bravo’s hit reality show The Real Housewives of Atlanta, then you know all about the southern bell with the Southern Charm Mrs.Phaedra Parks.


In season 7 Phaedra’s husband Apollo Nida Has expressed his concerns about his 8 year prison sentence and being apart of his sons lives. In the most recent episodes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Phaedra was very vocal about not bringing her children to jail. The reality star didn’t even show up for his sentecing. Has Phaedra had a change of heart? Maybe Tmz has a clip of the reality star stating she would love to bring the kids to jail to see Apollo on Christmas. She even mailed him a Christmas card already.

Apollo, who’s serving an 8-year sentence on fraud and other charges in Kentucky, has been very vocal about he and Phaedra’s failing relationship since being incarcerated. You’ll recall the jailed reality star said Phaedra is wrong for keeping their two young sons, 4-year-old Ayden and 19-month-old Dylan, away from him for so long, despite being in prison.