In light of the Obama Administration moving toward a significant and historic re-opening of FULL relations with Cuba, questions have been raised on what this might mean for fugitives who sought refuge in Cuba. Will they be handed back over to the hands of the United States Justice system? More importantly what will this mean for the first woman placed on the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists List Assata Shakur. Read More Inside.



Assata Shakur, who’s birth name is Joanne Chesimard is a former Black Panther Party and Black Liberation Army member as well as being the step-aunt of the late rapper Tupac Shakur. Shakur, was arrested in 1973 and convicted for the murder of a New Jersey state trooper. In 1979 While serving her life sentence, she was broken out of jail by two of her Black Panther colleagues and then fled to Cuba. In 1984, the Castro government granted her asylum.

Fast forward to the present, with formal diplomatic relations reopening between Cuba and the United States, the U.S. and the state of New Jersey may have the ability to petition Cuba to return Shakur under the 110-year-old treaty obligations.

The U.S. government has tried several times to extradite Shakur, the first woman placed on the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists List, even appealing to Pope John Paul II. The FBI describes her as “part of a revolutionary extremist organization” and offers a reward for information leading to her return.

Timing is everything. Wouldn’t this be an interesting time for Assata to return. Right in the midst of the extreme racial tension happening in light of the countless deaths of unarmed African American men and women through out the nation, which has been making headlines over recent months.

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