MTA on "Man Spreading"
As the 2014 numbers for public transportation in New York City rack in at 6.1 million riders every day among a reported population of 8.4 million, public service announcements are set to start addressing the ongoing issue of SPACE and courtesy. Of all “the struggle” situations the MTA Subway Ads To Address “Man Spreading” as the first part of its upcoming campaign. This continues in a decades long line of choice messages created by the MTA for commuters eyes, but is this taking it too far? Sound off: “man spreading” as a public problem, valid or nah?

MTA Subway Ads To Address “Man Spreading” but will it be taken seriously? As they say the crime rate in most of NYC has decreased the Metropolitan Transit Authority is (probably getting a little bored) and reportedly shifting its focus back to “courtesy campaigns” via visual public service announcements. While a hot topic on many blogs there’s been an ongoing debate for some and yawn/eye roll/”FOH” combination for a lot others as to the sitting style of fellas who take liberties in “letting it breathe.”

Cases of women documenting personal campaigns of spreading their legs assertively and taking up more space than usual on the train have sprouted in what they see as a form of rebellion. To that, many have (moved away from them), cheered, or continued the yawn/eye roll/”FOH” non-reaction. Blogs have taken another route, such as Death Star, who’s Photoshopped flix of objects in the space of the spread for commentary and comic relief. (LOL!). While some women are guilty of “the spread,” it’s usually a male offense. But some reject any notion and consider it a threat to personal freedom:

“Riding the F train from Brooklyn to Manhattan on a recent afternoon, Fabio Panceiro, 20, was unapologetic about sitting with his legs spread apart. ‘I’m not going to cross my legs like ladies do,’ he’said. ‘I’m going to sit how I want to sit.’”

The “courtesy campaign” of the MTA Subway Ads To Address “Man Spreading” will start there and continue on to something more of us can agree on: TAKE OFF YOUR BIG A** BOOK BAG.–Well, OK, not exactly in those words…but they’re still working on that one. The “man spreading” ad will allegedly read, “Dude…Stop The Spread, Really.” Wow…really???

The entire campaign will bear the final slogan: “Courtesy Counts, Manners Make a Better Ride.” While the spark of the MTA Subway Ads To Address “Man Spreading” may stir some noise, it’s hard to tell if any of it will mean much. The whole “Sexual Harassment Is A Crime on the Train, Too” thing has definitely not stopped people from copping feels during rush hour. But what do you think?

If you were charge of the MTA, what would your ad campaign look like?

Gothamist reporter Lauren Evans went on the subway and personally asked men how they felt about “Manspreading” Watch it below:

"Manspreading" by Gothamist

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