Black Lives Matter

Protest Shuts Down Mall of America ?
During one of the biggest shopping weekends of the year, inside the biggest shopping mall in America, shoppers just outside Minneapolis, Minnesota heard peaceful, but not exactly the most merry chants around the Christmas tree

“Santa won’t see Tamir this year! That’s why we’re angry, that’s why we’re here.”

Chanted by the #BlackLivesMatter Protesters

Parts of the eastern block of the Mall of America were shut down while the #BlackLivesMatter protesters completely flooded the place! With signs and chants referencing Tamir Rice (the 12 year old kid who was shot dead by police in Cleveland), Eric Garner (the man who was KILLED in a police chokehold in Staten Island , New York City), and the prosecutor who represented Darren Wilson for the shooting of Michael Brown, they definitely interrupted last minute Christmas shoppers .

Protest Shuts Down Mall of America ?
After taking over the rotunda for about six minutes, the loud speaker announced, “This demonstration is not authorized and is in clear violation of Mall of America policy…”
The police were ready for a protest inside the mall after organizers refused to use the parking lot to protest in. Protestors were warned that anyone taking part in the protest could be subject to a one year ban from the mall. Once the protesters spilled into the mall, stores near the Christmas tree were ordered closed by mall security for almost two hours. Protesters were separated by police who decked the halls with riot gear.

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Protest Shuts Down Mall of America ?
There was a women by the name of Mary from St. Paul, and Mary told the Minneapolis City Paper that she was stuck in Barnes and Noble for a half hour during the #BlackLivesMatter protest.

Mary said :

“I don’t really know what they’re hoping to prove by this,” Mary told the reporter. “There’s a lot people out here, a lot of young kids, a lot of families just trying to do their Christmas shopping and it’s just not fair.”

She did also say that Starbucks gave her free coffee to continue shopping, however. There were some protesters who went to the second and third floors after police escorted out the mass in the rotunda, and the protesters continued to march and keep doors closed by their presence. After an hour, organizers of the protest asked everyone remaining to leave peacefully.

Heres a Vine Video so you can get an idea of the protest size