Azealia Banks

Tyler The Creator And Q Tip Back Azealia Banks In Action Bronson Beef ?
Yesterday, Azealia Banks and Action Bronson squared off in a straight up hard core war of 140 characters on Twitter. Now Q Tip of legendary hip hop group A Tribe called Quest (No there not called “Quest” there name is “A Tribe Called Quest”)and Solagne have came together in order to defend the Harlem MC rapper immediately. Legendary Queens Zulu nation member Q Tip, Solagne Knowles and Odd Future Represented Tyler The Creator were of a couple artists in the music industry that displayed a little public admiration for Ms. Banks after her recent interview with Hot97 where she was very critical of Grand Hustle CEO T.I., Grand Hustle First Lady Iggy Azalea and a couple others currently in the music industry.

Tyler The Creator And Q Tip Back Azealia Banks In Action Bronson Beef ?
With just about 12 more days left in this year approaching 2015, Azealia Banks continues to rack up more and more enemies as the last month slowly drives by. This week by its self has been filled with absolutely nothing but drama on drama for the Harlem represented rapper who has just released her debut independent album entitled ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’. But she did not only go on Hot 97 and Come at T.I. for supporting her verily known enemy in the industry, Australia’s very own (AVO, its officially a thing) Iggy Azalea, but she and Iggy had also went at it with each other a little earlier that evening on Twitter as a reaction to the radio interview, were Iggy and T.I are slandered by the young Azaelia Banks.

Tyler The Creator And Q Tip Back Azealia Banks In Action Bronson Beef ?

The latest artist to get caught up on this war with the Harlem Rapper is Queens MC Action Bronson. In response to some fan by the name of Beth Kushner agreeing that Iggy Azalea was not, I repeat WAS NOT hip hop what so ever. The Fan had then asked Azealia how she felt about white rappers in the game that actually do have lyrical skills in the industry like Action Bronson. Well that was a good question with a bad response because For some reason this sparked a very sour note for Mr. Action Bronson which Led to this pretty intense twitter war.

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